We have a team of digital marketing consultants and website designers who are experts in reviewing and analysing website performance and providing clients with detailed reports of small but critical changes that will improve the conversion rates.

If your website is getting high traffic levels but not bringing in sales or enquiries then we can advise you on what needs to be done.

Website design changes to improve conversion rates are usually small but in many cases critical and our knowledge and tracking software can show you where these need to be made. Often referred to as ‘conversion rate optimisation’, conversion rates relate to the number of visitors to the website that ‘convert’ (carry out the desired action) which can be easily calculated from all traffic sources.

A proportion of visitors to your website will click through from a search engine, advert, referring website or campaign etc; either way, expectations will be set before entering the website and therefore it is imperative that the right impression is given. This is about ensuring images and text is relevant to the company and its market; highlighting keywords and phrases.

Should the customer come through to the relevant page and their expectation isn’t matched; either through the design or its features, the bounce rate will be higher. Our team can let you know specifically how to reduce your website bounce rates and increase the user’s desire on the landing page.

Our advanced tracking and reporting software allows for the bettering understanding of the process the customer follows, discovering areas for improvement and increasing the website conversion rate.

We can see heat maps of mouse movements, clicks and also record users to see if they are having difficulty in any areas and by adjusting these we can increase your website conversion rate. Upon entering the website, a visitor must immediately be able to pick out the key features and benefits for using this site above others and quickly see the product or service they have come on for.

Removing distractions when visiting the website (whether images or unnecessary information) will also help increase website conversions and we can guide you on any elements of your website that may be seen as a distraction by users. Proposing discounts and special offers can attract those visiting the site for the first time and may be key in them returning, having had a positive experience. However, these are no good if promoted during the checkout process.

Equally, enabling the customer to make a free call is important so should they want to make contact, they don’t have to worry about the cost. Featuring these aspects clearly on the website is more about assurance but we can advise you on what you need to do to make your website more credible.

Security features of a website are also paramount in forming trust and increasing website converstion rates. As well as displaying standard security emblems, we can advise you on the subtle use of language that evokes safety when entering personal details.