More than just drawing pretty pictures our web design process is as much about science and strategy as it is about art. Our design aim is always clarity and ease of use whilst conveying your brand message.

User experience

Remember how great it felt last time something just ‘worked’? – The buzz users get from things working the way they expect builds lasting relationships. Web Lab Work with you to analyse what your users really want, then plan how to make it happen for them. Simple really.

Information architecture

What may make sense to you because you see it every day, isn’t always so clear to your audience. Whether it’s establishing product categories for your e-commerce store, or structuring how to promote your newest branch on a customer’s mobile device, we analyse what you need to convey then produce a blueprint plan of how to achieve it.

User interface design

We add flesh to the bones of analytical plans and blueprints, making use of appropriate technologies to bring interfaces to life. For us great design is almost invisible, never becoming a barrier yet continuously conveying your brand and making users want to return.